Brand Our App

Our new application allows you to customize and brand your agency.

Branding promotes recognition, which will help insureds feel more at ease about purchasing your services! With this in mind, we’ve developed a new application packet that allows custom branding of your agency while selling our products.

Your agency’s logo and icon will be displayed on each page of the application along with a color scheme to match!

Simply email your logos and we’ll do the rest!

Need help with your logo? We can assist! Email us – marketing@sisinsure.com.

Light blue text on a white background that says 'The Best Insurance Agency' and has a logo of a plus sign to the left of the text.

Horizontal Logo (required): 500px x 150px

Logo of a plus sign made up of multiple thin light blue lines against a white background.

Icon Logo (optional): 400px x 400px

  • Provide graphics with transparent backgrounds (we can help).
  • Provide branding that is identical to or consistent with your website, social media, etc.
  • Icon lettering should be omitted or kept to a minimum.
Three style sheets lying on top of one another. The top document contains the text 'The Best Insurance Agency, Style Sheet'.

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