SIS named a 2020 Five-Star and All-Star Wholesaler.

Each year, Insurance Business America asks retail producers to rate the performance and service of their Wholesale Broker and MGA partners on a scale of 1 (poor) to 10 (excellent) in the following eight areas:

  1. Underwriting responsiveness/ turnaround time
  2. Technical expertise and product knowledge
  3. Range of products
  4. Communication
  5. Compensation
  6. Marketing support
  7. Claims support
  8. Technology/ automation

The wholesale brokers and MGAs that averaged a score of 8 or higher in at least one category were awarded a five-star designation for their exceptional service. Out of the 32 wholesale partners that earned a five-star rating, 25 were also designated an All-Star Wholesaler for receiving five-star status on all eight categories.

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SIS Wholesale Insurance Services is so honored to have received both prestigious recognitions from Insurance Business America this year. Most importantly, we are delighted to learn that our producers value us as just as much as we value them!

We want to thank each of you that participated in this year’s survey. Providing quality service and products you can count on is our promise to you as we continue to build on excellence.

Golden Seal titled - Five-Star Wholesale Brokers & MGA 2020

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